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About Us

Tassheel is an Establishment that was founded in 2016, at the beginning Tassheel was specialized in document clearance only, but currently Cargo clearance service was added too and more are coming, at the beginning Tassheel started with one employee which was the founded himself, but after the noticed business growth, two more employee were hired.

Currently and along with Document and Cargo Clearances, we Tassheel works in the public relation sector too, as many business links services were provided.

In order to describe the first sector Document Clearances is basically clearing all of the necessary and required documents through the governments sectors and other authorities such as embassies or others.


Regarding the Cargo clearings services, we finalized the imported and exported goods through Bahrains ports and we will spread to the harbors and the Causeway border by this year. 

We offer a range of services for both businesses and individual companies

Our Team

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Ahmed Al Sabbagh

Administrative Manager

Ali Al Matooq
Team Leader

Khatoon Jaafar

Private Notary

Government Document Clearing

Ahmed Sameer
Government Document Clearing

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